12 Brands That Don’t Let Business Get in the Way of Their Christian Beliefs


Forever 21

If you’ve ever looked on the bottom of a Forever 21 shopping bag, you’ll notice a discreet forever
“John 3:16” printed on it. Mr. and Mrs. Chang, who started the company, are born-again Christians and told Bloomberg Business that God told them to start a business. They also have a prayer meeting every morning, and every decision they make is based around prayer.

Holiday Newborns Go Home in Christmas Stockings

babies in christmas stockings

Some of the best Christmas gifts fit in stockings and babies born around the holidays are no exception. That’s why babies born at Magee-Women’s Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center get special stockings if they’re in the hospital on Christmas Day. Parents spending their first Christmas at UPMC get the stockings and hand-knit red hats as keepsakes. Magee nurses have been organizing the event for several years, and they give away dozens of tiny hats each holiday season.