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5 Signs that Christians Can Trust a New Love

5 Signs that Christians can trust a new love. Number one on the list, Christians do what they say they will do, here is complete list:

  1. Christians do what they say they will do

People who are trustworthy hesitate to make promises because they will only make the ones that they can keep. Therefore, Christians individuals try their very hardest to follow up on their word.

  1. Christians take responsibility

A sure sign that an individual is not trustworthy is that they rarely take responsibility for their actions as they lie, bend the truth or blame others in an attempt not to “own” whatever they have done wrong. Christians know they are not perfect, and if they have done something wrong or made a mistake, they promptly take responsibility as they make what was wrong into something right as long as it is within their power to do so.

  1. Christians have nothing to hide.

People who are not trustworthy do not want the individuals in their lives to make contact. So they work hard to section off their friendship groups, so individuals are not able to get together to connect the stories or compare details, to see that there are lies as well as missing details. If you are dating someone and they will not introduce you to their friends or other individuals in their emotional world, then there is a reason, and they may not be trustworthy!

  1. Christians people have appropriate boundaries

People who are not trustworthy are “overly familiar” with everyone else as they regularly flirt, make inappropriate comments, act sexual with others and so on, often under the guise of making a joke. A new love should have “eyes only for you” and “treat you with value” so that when you are going out in public, they do not forget that you are there, and start having a better time with the waiter or waitress at your dinner table in the restaurant than with you!

  1. Christians people are stable through the seasons

People who are not trustworthy are “hot” and “cold” and “on” and “off.” Such individuals have moods that blow along with the wind in multiple directions. Also, trustworthy people throw their moods around and feel like others should be on edge just because they are unhappy in the moment. When we get to know people “through the seasons,” we see them over time in all kinds of different circumstances or situations. Christians are stable in a number of different atmospheres and around a variety of people. In fact, you do not have to walk on emotional eggshells, fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing that will upset them. Furthermore, you do not have to ride an emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows according to their moods. Healthy people control their moods, and they are stable. Christians individuals do not act out according to their whim of their moods.

So how do you know you can trust your new love? They walk with integrity, are stable and have eyes for only you!

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