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10 Christian Apps

Here are 10 Christian Apps for your tablet or smartphone of the best Bible, theology, sermon, and apologetic app must haves.

Bible.is This is a simple Bible that provides the text of the Old and New Testaments in several versions. It also has several high-quality audio Bibles that you can listen to while traveling, during your work day, or any time you would like to hear the Word. The app is an extension of the ministry Faith Comes by Hearing.

Glo Bible While there is a free version of this app available, I strongly recommend purchasing Glo Bible. Available for your computer as well, this app let’s you dive deep into the text with photos, maps, virtual tours and a lot more.

Blue Letter Bible In addition to the Biblical text, Blue Letter Bible offers lexicon tools, the ability to view parallel translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and daily reading plans and organizational tools.

Christian Creeds & Reformed Confessions Having access to the creeds and confessions of the Christian faith is vitally important in developing your skills as an everyday theologian. The app contains the full text of the Apostle’s, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds, the Westminster Catechism, and several others.

Westminster Shorter Catechism in 90 Days (WSC 90) Studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism is a great way to develop a fuller understanding of God and the doctrine of the Christian faith. A catechism is simply a summary of the Christian faith in the form of concise questions and answers. The Westminster Catechism was created in England in 1646-1647. This app will help you to memorize the entire thing in 90 days.

Truth For Life Alistair Begg is a tremendously gifted preacher of God’s Word. In addition to access to a library of Pastor Begg’s sermons, this app has daily readings from C.H. Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening devotionals and blog posts from TruthForLife.org.

Grace To You Grace To You is the teaching ministry of Pastor John MacArthur. It would be difficult to find a more thorough teacher of the Bible, and this app gives you access to decades of MacArthur’s sermon audio. The audio and video resources are arranged by recent broadcasts, sermon series archives, and has the ability to search for teaching by books of the Bible.

Ligonier Ligonier Ministries is led by R.C. Sproul. A giant of modern day reformed theology, this app contains not only the teaching of Sproul but has years worth of Bible and theology conferences that feature dozens of teachers, pastors, professors, and theologians.

RefNet Short for Reformation Network, RefNet is an extension of Ligonier Ministries. This is a 24-hour internet radio network that broadcasts the preaching and teaching of those in the reformed faith. We’ve written about RefNet before, and highly recommend this resource.

The Gospel Coalition The Gospel Coalition is a collection of Biblically and theologically informed essays, articles, and blog posts on important topics collected from a fellowship of evangelical churches in North America.